About us

With an experience of more than 30 years in the theme park industry, our parent company, Polo Group, own and operate 4 Waterparks around the globe under the name of Fun n Food Village in Delhi, which is household name in Delhi, biggest Waterpark in Nagpur and Tashkent and Iceland Waterpark, the biggest and largest Waterpark in UAE. With an experience of more than 25 years in the theme park industry, we bring you the most advanced 3D foam cutting and shaping technology from Canada.

We use the latest technology in cutting and shaping EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) to different shapes, sizes and sculptures. With ‘You NAME it! We SHAPE it’ as our mantra there are literally no limits to the size and kind of work that we do.

  • We create 3D Models from photos or drawings
  • We create clay maquettes for laser scanning
  • We 3D scan people and objects
  • We work with supplied 3D computers and models
  • Armature Building
  • Soft Shell Coating
  • Hard Shell Coating
  • Air Brushing and Faux Finishing

So let that imagination run wild and share your ideas, because Shapeskill can make products in any shape and size. You name it! We shape it!


"Polo Group's name has been synonymous with innovation and novelty. Shapeskill is one of those ventures that is carrying forth this tradition. First, it was their founders who brought many newconcepts to India and now it is their younger generation following those footsteps.As always I have good faith in all their brands."-Rajen Shah, AICL.

“Shapeskill worked with my team together to help design an amazing coffeemug module for my restaurant. Their design boards make the creative process enjoyable and streamlined. I recommend them to everyone and will definately use them in our future projects.”-Ashish Kapoor, The Coffee Bar.