Let's take a quick peek into the material and technique used in the making of 3D models, designed and created at Shape Skill. We, at Shape Skill, after in-depth research, have picked up our basic techniques and methodology very carefully. It is an adaptation of the latest technology from Canada, which is now introduced to the Indian market.

  • From creating a 3D file to foam cutting, hard coating, paint, and so forth, all the work involved in the completion of our projects is automated. We use the top quality raw materials available in the market.
  • We have robots to cut Thermocol and other raw materials such as steel, wood, marble, and polyurethane into desired shapes and sizes. The accuracy of the work done on our robots is immaculate.
  • After milling, we assemble and make it ready for hard coating. We have specialized hard coating imported from USA which gives Thermocol a shell like structure and increases its life up to 25 years.
  • We use one of the most expensive paints available in the market, such as Sikkens and DuPont. These paints are the best in class in terms of quality, gloss, UV & water resistance. These brands are gold standard in the attractions and theme construction industry. Moreover, we provide paint warranty of 5 years for all our products.
  • The hard coat technology is best for one of a kind manufacturing in Thermocol. The revolutionary system of Shapeskill minimizes dependence on manual labor, increases precision and gives smoother finishes on moulds. It is much cheaper and lighter than Fiber Glass and may also be used for making FRP moulds where bulk production is required.